A Team Victory and getting stuck in an Elevator (mod)

Last night Keep Calm and Listen to Lefty had their first match (Badwater) in the ETFL2 Highlander Community Challenge and; we won.

We played a Polish team, Why U Try?!  who gave up after losing the first round and defaulted the win. The server crashed and they never came back for the second, telling us they sucked. It was a bit of a shame really, if they lacked anything it was experience and that you gain by playing and learning; after all that’s where I am. I hope they carry on.

But no matter, it was a victory for KCaLtL. The final team line-up is linked below for the Readership, the leisurely perusal of:


The Readership will be able to see Berath there, represented by a small owl in a knitted hat. And also the teams KCaLtL still have to play. There’s some interesting ones, not least Cats Don’t Eat Haggis, a team comprising comrades from the UKCS community, a stalwart crew who’ll present fierce opposition.

I played Engineer equipped with jag, wrangler and shotgun on defence and switching to gunslinger on offence. I don’t think I did anything too disastrous but I need to improve on my speed, buildings need to be selected and placed without second thought and I lost seconds changing loadout during set-up which I’d like to look at. But I suspect I’ll be sticking to Engineer for the time being, that’s fine though since the class is up there with Demoman as a favourite.

After the excitement of the game and the somewhat unexpected ending, the team was in a state of slight perplexment and time threatened to hang heavy.  At this point someone mentioned Elevator: Source. Basically this is a multiplayer elevator simulator, built on Garry’s Mod and Half-Life 2: Episode 2. You wait for the lift, you get in the lift, the doors open at different floors, you look out and see things, people/skeletons/whatnots get in, muzak plays, you carry on. The game ends when you reach a chill-out lounge at the top where you can play pool, liquidize fruit and watch television.

Palpable excitement

As can be imagined the idea of playing this was greeted with great enthusiasm. I didn’t have Garry’s Mod but the allure of the game persuaded me to purchase. It was only £5.99, the price of a London snack. And after all given the choice of a cup of coffee and a cake in Starbucks or Pret a Manger and riding an online elevator simulator with half your TF2 Highlander team, what would anyone choose? Bit of a no-brainer eh!

Anyway great fun was had. The lift ride itself took about 45 mins (with probably 60 mins before that, for everyone to buy/download/install the game and for a server to be found). Then relaxation at the top before the game ended.


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