TF2 Highlander Draw

This week the team played against Community Team, a Romanian team.

And it wasn’t as smooth as last week.

We played two maps, a King of the Hill Map (Koth_Lakeside) where each team aims to capture the point and hold it, and a 5 cp map (Foundry) where there are five points to be captured.

The games were pretty intense and I felt we were under pressure most of the time. We held up in Lakeside though and eventually won 3-2. One of the losses was just down to seconds, so close. The second map was no contest really. We lost 5-0. We just didn’t seem able to get our pushes right. Every round we won mid, but then just couldn’t hold it and were driven back.

To be honest, I don’t think we necessarily lost it due to differences in skill level, we’ve good players. But Team Fortress is a team game. Often the team that knows a map better and has played together longer/more, is the team that wins out. This is particularly true in 5cp maps I think which can be very dynamic, with teams both attacking and defending at various points and it’s easy to lose cohesion. This was only the second time our team had played together (plus one practice which involved the team plus WDG community regulars) and the first time the team had played Foundry. Foundry is also a relatively new map so has generally been played less often.

So it could well have been that the other team were simply more practiced and kept together better.

But no matter, we got our draw and we got our 3 points. And it was fun. And for the first time, on Lakeside, I truly found out the power of a wrangled mini-sentry aimed at the point.

Wrangled level 1 sentry

I also need to look at defensive and offensive building placement. To a certain extent on Lakeside and definitely on Foundry, I think I was building too aggressively, too near the front line, so my buildings were being destroyed almost constantly before they could provide much use, as our opponents pushed us back. It may have been better to set up a little further behind, particularly the teleports (though these can be less useful anyway due to the constant back and forth of the map), to provide a place to gather and move forward from.

And speeds got faster. TF2 allows you to have up to 4 separate loadouts which can be selected in-game which I have now set up, there was never really any need before for me to think about it. I’ve also assigned build buildings to my number keys, binding my wrench and wrangler  to new keys  so I can still switch quickly between the two for repair and activation. As time goes on, I’ll play with more settings.

Extra bit: tonight we had a practice session on both maps. Did much better, were much more together on Foundry. I built more defensively and it worked better.


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