TF2 Highlander Squash

Highlander Squash. Hmm. I’m afraid it was Pielander, our opponents in the HL Community Challenge who were doing the squashing and they squashed us mighty flat: 0 6. Mind you, we made pretty sure the odds were stacked against us, especially bearing in mind we were going against the strongest team in our Division (6v6 experience; recently been promoted from Div 5 to Div 4). We had an interesting team. A number of members couldn’t play due to other commitments so a few people ended up not playing their main or favoured classes, our Scout had 8 hours on the class, our Spy normally mained Pyro, I’ve only ever seen him play Pyro on pub. The map was Upward, an old map, but we hadn’t been able to get a practice match on it.

So there was a lot new going on.

During the game, Pielanders pushed hard. They seemed to have an agressive defence as well as offense. Their Engineer used mini-sentries which is unusual on defence, maybe counting on the strength of the rest to hold, so just focussing on harrying. Playing both, they drove us back and held us away from the cart. However they did have weaknesses. The problem with a really agressive play style, is that it can leave you open. Our Lefty remarked that their Demoman, though a good player, sometimes pushed too far forward, leaving himself exposed (a Demoman is essentially a glass cannon class, dishing out loads of damage mid and far-range but vulnerable close to). However we couldn’t seem to take advantage of that.

However, one thing we need to improve; so far, when we encounter a more aggressive team we seem to go all over the place. It might have been possible for us to think our way through as a team as we saw how Pielander was playing. I suppose the more a team plays and plays together, the easier that sort of thing becomes.

Anyhow, Pielander had also been up against Cats Don’t Eat Haggis (my UKCS community colleagues) playing Lakeside and Foundry. Although losing 0-3 on Lakeside, CDEH managed to draw on Foundry after a golden cap, getting 1 point, but said afterwards

‘We tried to park the bus on the golden cap after winning mid. They just gave us a ticket and told us to move along’ (ApacheFlame).

The general opinion was Pielander was probably above Div 5 and could probably beat most teams below Div 4. But the thing is, playing strong teams, helps you improve. So it’s all to the good really.

(The Readership may be confused at this point, to explain: Golden cap – if a map is a draw, a golden cap period begins. The winner is the team holding the mid-cap at the end of the time. The bus thing – during the epic.LAN finals between and Monster Munch one of Infused excitedly urged his team to ‘park the bus’ to everyone’s puzzlement including the rest of Infused, who then went on to win nevertheless. This term, still largely undefined, has now entered the TF2 lexicon)


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