Post-squash: Lazytown and a game of Hide and Seek

After our game against Pielander (see below), a bit of rest and relaxation was required. So a group of us set off for Lazytown, basically to kill as many of the mans as we could. And we did this and it felt good.

Then we decided to play Prop Hunt. Very basically, Prop Hunt is TF2 Hide and Seek, a TF2 mod. From the TF2 Wiki, players on the RED team, disguised as “props”, are given a 30 second set up time to run and hide on a map, and afterwards players on the BLUteam attempt to find and kill them in the allotted time period. At the end of each round the teams are swapped; the “Hunters” (BLU) become the “Hunted” (RED) and vice versa. Respawns are not permitted until the end of each round. Firing a weapon or swinging a melee weapon will cause the Hunters to slightly damage themselves. This prevents Hunters from going around simply shooting at everything, though health and ammo packs are available. Most people play Pyros which is the default class.

At various times I was a haystack, a green hard hat and a large square of concrete….very difficult to hide as this one.

It was highly entertaining.

To give the Readership an idea of the joy of Prop Hunt, a video follows.

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