TF2 Highlander Double Dance and the end of Highlander S2

Highlander Double Dance? A Double Highland fling for two victories for Keep Calm and Listen to Lefty!

The first was against Hurmeesta herkistyvä hurmaava herrasväki, a team from Finland. I’m not sure what their name means, I just hope it’s in keeping with the family friendly nature of Berath’s Brain Burps. Anyway, we played Foundry and Lakeside, a repeat from the week before last. Both were very intense matches, and close. We managed to win 3 0 on Lakeside, but only just, HHHH putting up a good fight. However, we’d won on Lakeside last time too. Foundry had been the sticking point, although we’d won a practice match on it since. This time, however, we managed our pushes off middle – this was where we’d had particular difficulty. On round ended in stalemate, but overall we won 1 0. The game went far better for me as well, though I still need to improve keeping up with the ebb, flow and direction of the fight as I build my buildings, difficult on 5 cp maps where to a certain extent you are always running to keep up.

The second was yesterday evening, against my UKCS Community colleagues, Cats Don’t Eat Haggis. This was on Barnblitz (payload map). I’d suspected that it would be a tightly fought match and it was. We were all of us having to play pretty hard out. We ended up winning 6 0 but the game was a lot closer than the result implies.

I felt I played a good game. One of the problems with Defence Engineer on this map, is that the sentry locations are now well known. And teams know that they will be wrangled. So they prepare and take the guns down pretty easily if the team is any good, and this happened. The main purpose seems to be to provide a distraction or split the attack. But after the first couple of points, I managed to be a bit more creative and found some useful sentry positions and managed to keep the teleporters going and the dispensers up near the frontline; easier than on 5 cp maps since it doesn’t change to the same extent. I’ve played the map quite a lot on pub and I think that really helped too. Our sniper had as well so he’d managed to plan his sight lines. This was one time when pub play balanced 6v6 experience, as payload maps are played more on pub servers.

To keep up the excitement, it also became clear that there was a certain amount of confusion amongst the team after the first round. We’d won but what did it all mean? Would we have to play another round? What would happen if we lost? How many points had we got? When could we stop? Fortunately Lefty understood and explained, but unfortunately most of us were too confused and over-stimulated by this time to listen. It turned out that we were defending again,  for some reason, in a second round but we managed to stop CDEH capping and that seemed to be the end and so we stopped. But then we were on the offence again and after that we really did stop because we’d won.


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