L2Blog noob – The Newbie Blogger Initiative Welcomes You All!!!!

Berath’s Brain Burps is giddy even giddier than usual at the moment.  It’s with excitement. A while back Berath’s Brain Burps was approached by one of the esteemed Readership with a proposition.

Syp of Bio Break and Massively had decided that it would be a really good idea to start a month of events to encourage new bloggers to enter the world of blogging. As part of this he was contacting a whole collection of gaming blogs, including Berath’s Brain Burps, to ask them to participate and share blogging tips, thoughts and experiences.

So, during the month of May, across the Internet, the Readership will find itself encountering countless gaming blogs all busy sharing and Berath’s Brain Burps will be one of them! It’ll be great. Syp has said over 70 blogs are involved and I’ll be posting a master list of participating blogs as soon as it becomes available (now available: see end of post)

A forum has also been set up here where new bloggers can register, ask questions and hopefully get answers from the sponsor blogs. There will also be articles and discussions. As part of the initiative, each participating sponsoring blog has agreed to write at least one post about blogging. At the end of the month all these will be collected together and the links published and of course everything will be going up on the forum, straight off.

Anyway, if any of the Readership has ever considered blogging or even just wanted to know more about it, now is good times. Should I focus on one game, how often should I publish, do I have to be up-to- date/highly erudite/incisive (take a look at Berath’s Brain Burps and guess), will I get rich and be able live the rest of my days on walnut cake….you don’t know? Well then, go, register, ask away, discuss and write!

Little bit extra: Many of the blogs, old and new, focus on mmos. This is just how it is. No reason. Gaming blogs can be about any sort of gaming, on any platform. After all this blog has moved from a gaming/mainly LoTRO blog to a gaming/lots of Team Fortress 2 blog with a bit of MOBA gaming thrown in (still love my LoTRO though).

NBI Sponsor Blogs: Games and Geekery, The Wild Boar Inn, MMO Fallout, Tastes Like Battle Chicken, Grimnir’s Grudge, Roll One Hundred, Dragonchasers, Ardwulf’s Lair, Inventory Full, Jaded Alt, Ark’s Ark, Tremayne’s Law, Blog de la Burro, Just One MMOre, DocHoliday’s MMO Saloon, High Latency Life, MMO Gamer Chick, Skycandy, Nomnom.info, Hunter’s Insight, Life is a Mind Bending Puzzle, Berath’s Brain Burps, Epic Slant, Bullet Points, Professor Beej, Journeys with Jaye, Screaming Monkeys, Welcome to Spinksville, Vicarious Existence, Casual is as Casual Does, Star Shadow, I Have Touched The Sky, The Ancient Gaming Noob, Just One More Unlock, A Ding World, Yeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love In, Stropp’s World, Kill Ten Rats, The Jedi Gambit, Beau Hindman, Blue Kae, Gankalicious, Live Like a Nerd, Casual Stroll to Mordor, Tish Tosh Tesh, Casting a Shaddoe, A Green Mushroom, ALT:ernative, Parallel Context, ETCmmo, Avatars of Steel, Tales of the Aggronaut, West Karana, Contains Moderate Peril, The Stories of O, Levelcapped, LOTRO Fashion, Mr. Meh’s Supplication, Malchome’s Mind/Restokin, Nerdy Bookahs, T.R. Red Skies,

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