Wireplay Team Fortress 2: The Highlander team again

More-or-less the same team but a different League, we’re trying Highlander again!

After coming second in our division in the ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge and with some good games under our belts, it seemed only logical that Keep Calm and Listen to Lefty continue as a team. Except we’re not. Or at least not as KCaLTL. We’re now For No Raisin! For no raisin I can tell (that’s a joke by the way).

This is the line-up:

Approved Members

Jebus -=[PnS-Jebus]=- STEAM_0:0:13288977 23/04/12
Leftism Leftism STEAM_0:0:21018551 23/04/12
mode_seven mode_seven STEAM_0:1:5296026 23/04/12
Allytk Allytk STEAM_0:0:17749586 23/04/12
Berath Berath STEAM_0:1:23915483 23/04/12
Burnalot Burnalot STEAM_0:0:14763260 24/04/12
CruelCow CruelCow STEAM_0:0:15414870 23/04/12
DeadlyAvenger DeadlyAvenger STEAM_0:0:2846024 24/04/12
DodgyEmu DodgyEmu STEAM_0:1:5320967 23/04/12
Omnipotens Omnipotens STEAM_0:0:56789 29/04/12
Power [TIT]Power STEAM_0:0:4544753 23/04/12
Wooo_Maker Wooo_Maker STEAM_0:1:10746122 29/04/12
abda abda STEAM_0:0:22125936 30/04/12

We’ve been placed in Division 4 (out of 5). I’ve taken a look at the other teams in our division, I recognise some of the names of the players. I have a horrible feeling that many of them are quite good so FNR! will have it’s work cut out but it’s all good practice.

These are the maps:

Week 1 koth_lakeside cp_gravelpit
Week 2 pl_upward pl_upward
Week 3 ctf_converge_b3 koth_pro_viaduct_rc3
Week 4 pl_badwater pl_badwater
Week 5 cp_foundry ctf_converge_b3
Week 6 pl_swiftwater_ugc pl_swiftwater_ugc
Week 7 koth_pro_viaduct_rc3 cp_gravelpit

We played and won on Lakeside in the Highlander Challenge.  On Foundry we were rolled the first time we played, but after that won our matches. On Badwater we won but that was against the weakest team in the Division. On Upward we were pretty much destroyed.

The others are new to the team (and a couple totally new to me).

To be honest, I’m glad we’re having these Highlander games. Due to the difficulties and requirements of getting servers started, Seeding a Server, the WDG public server isn’t used so much anymore and the community is becoming more fragmented onto other servers and into other games, so it’s nice having the opportunity for us to play a bit together. The Highlander format since it allows all classes, lends itself well to TF2 pub communities since it gives everyone more of a chance to join in. It’s often seen as more fun and relaxed than 6v6 yet it’s still competitive enough, needing teamwork and tactics, to provide a more satisfying experience in many ways to straight pub games.

Reflecting on my Raiding Days in LoTRO, there are similarities. For a time, when new content was lean, it was the Raid that kept half the kinship logging on and playing together.


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