NBI: How to get lots and lots of hits on your blog

Now, so far in the New Blogger Initiative, the focus of many advisory posts, including mine, has been on not blogging for numbers, instead looking at good writing and slowly building up dedicated audiences. However, there may be many new gaming bloggers who just want hits. Not  fame, not longevity, just hits, a ‘forget the quality; feel the width’ approach to blogging. This is fair enough and Berath’s Brain Burps is happy to help them too.

So, I have analysed the top search terms and listed the ones that have most frequently brought people to Berath’s Brain Burps, over the past year.

Right, the most popular topic searched for and the most popular search term is:

League of Legends.

Yes, searches for this term and the variants of, have brought many people here. How long they’ve stayed, how disappointed they were when they arrived, whether or not any came back; all irrelevant. It’s the numbers that count.

The next most popular search term was:

tf2 pyro

The Pyro in Team Fortress 2 was the subject and the classs of maximum interest for searchees (the soldier a distant second). Unfortunately, the majority of my class posts are about the Demoman and the Engineer. I’ve obviously missed a trick here.

Then we have

tf2 (a.n. other class i.e.not pyro)

Team fortress 2 is generally popular. I noticed an immediate increase in hits after my first TF2 post, initially I focussed on Lord of the Rings Online.

After that

poems about laptops/poem about laptop/laptop poem/ode to laptop and other variants

feature prominently amongst search terms; I once wrote an ode to my laptop when it was very new and very shiny and I was very excited. As a search subject, this was a surprise and perhaps something the hits maximiser can use. Poems about computers seem to be very popular and much sought after.

And finally among the more significantly popular terms we have

dice boot

I’m very pleased by this, and actually not surprised here. Dice boots are among the unsung heroes of tabletop gaming. Mine  is a marvel (it’s so handy).

So, the conclusion. The hits maximiser could write a post combining all the above, and they will get hits. Perhaps a poem about their laptop upon which they play League of Legends, whilst taking a break from playing Team Fortress 2 as a Pyro, all the while gazing upon the dice boot they have on the table beside them. Excellent. Quality unimportant.

There will, of course, be other search terms that would bring in even more hits, but I’ll leave the hits maximiser to find those out for themselves and work them in to their gaming blogs!

Oh yes and finally pictures..pictures get hits. These have been the most popular.

Coming up as image searches for excited funny animals and Snow White (associated posts included).

So, hits maximisers, just stick something similar, at random, towards the end of your post. Like this.

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  1. AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be testing the theory 🙂

    The one thing that keep coming back on my stats report is “1 Million Pound Note”. In fact it’s been a winner since June 2010. In fact I just did a blind Google image search for it. 6th result on the page. In a word, RESULT!

    So I’ll “borrow” your winning formula and see if it can supplant the 1 million pound note 🙂

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