A holdup in the proceedings.

Oh dear. I’d meant to post regular updates of our Team Fortess 2 games but it hasn’t worked out. We’d been scheduled to play our second match on Thursday; a default date decided upon by the admins since no other date had been organised. However, the other team wasn’t aware so the game was postponed. They then wanted to play on Saturday but this was no good for us. We then looked at Sunday, Monday or tonight, but their leader was going on holiday; so that was that

The end result, no games, and posts poised to be posted but nothing more.

But looking at the tables, I did notice that FNR! appeared to have played an additional match; two maps, winning them both. This was puzzling, I know I can be a bit vague and somewhat confused a lot of the time, but surely even I couldn’t forget, or not notice, playing and winning an entire match. It turned out that one of the teams in our division had dropped. As a result the Admins had awarded all the other teams default victories. This was nice I suppose though the dropped team ended up with 14 losses.  This is different from the ETF2L. There, if a team drops, all of their matches and results are erased from all the teams in their divisions, it’s as if they had never been. It can be annoying if you’re a team who had actually played them and won, your victory is essentially wiped out.

Anyhow, we’re looking to play the next team on Sunday. I think it might be KillSwitch.


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