Stop the Presses: Team Fortress 2 Highlander Excitement, chaos imminent!

Tomorrow it’s the Experimental Highlander Cup! “What”, you cry, “I hadn’t noticed”.

“Nor had I, not really”, I reply “Until this evening when I got talked into playing  Demoman for Cats Don’t Eat Haggis.” Huzzah!

The Cup is designed to be played over just the one evening. The final will be on another evening;  but I think for us that’s unimportant.

None of us have played any of the maps before. There is one where both teams push the same cart, and another where teams capture the Intelligence, there is only one, and try and get it into their opponents base. So much room for confusion.

I’ve never played Demoman in any sort of competitive environment. I was called in like a sort of reverse cavalry, if you think of the Calalry as riding in to save the day. I don’t think the team had anyone else available who could play Demo, though ‘can play Demo’ is a relative term where I’m concerned.

But whatever, we shall bravely sally forth and get lost and confused together. That’s being in a team. Here’s to tomorrow!!!!!!

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  1. I’m sure it will be fine 🙂

    Just as long as you have fun.

  2. All those mentoring sessions paid off. 😉

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