TF2 Highlander; we used dragon; Ring of Dead

So, what happened in the Experimental Highlander Cup? Well, one clearcut victory for Cats Don’t Eat Haggis, and one pretty decisive defeat that saw us knocked out.

Our first opponents were the SOVIETS, who turned out to be Spanish, confused and with an apparent Pyro-anxiety. On asking them if they minded us using two mercs (I was one since I’m already signed up with KCaLtL), they declared that they didn’t want two Pyros; we had two Pyros on at the time since it was warm-up. We said that we’d be playing with one only since it was HL and asked again about mercs. They insisted once more that we must not use two Pyros, so we decided that they were probably fine about mercs and left it.

The game itself was fun, played on a King of the Hill map; koth_ashville_rc1. We won all three rounds, one was quite close. SOVIET remained cheerful throughout, so cheerful in fact that they didn’t want to go at the end and wanted to play again; eventually we had to ask the last one to leave the server. They declared it was a good game, but they weren’t surprised by the result since ‘we used dragon. Ring of Dead’. Was this referring to our use of the dreaded Pyro; but then they had one too. We weren’t really sure. Can any Spanish-speaking readers assist here?

The next map was pl_waste_v2, a payload map with a twist; there was only one cart to push, starting at the middle one of five capture points, a sort of tug of war.

We were up against F**king Awesome Generous Scums, who by their name effortlessly and impressively managed to confirm almost every prejudice anyone might have against gamers and the players of first person shooters, though in-game they were perfectly fine. Anyhow, they were obviously an experienced HL team, I confirmed that later. They more-or-less steamrolled us. It didn’t help that two of our players were having connection problems (spy and medic), and we were a hastily assembled team with off-classing players, including myself. And so, after that, we were out, but we had won one game and made it into the Quarter Final so it was a result.

So how did I do as a Demoman? The second map was a disaster I felt. It was a new map, I wasn’t sure how to play it.  They managed to swamp the cart, and I found I wasn’t putting out enough damage  to take them all out via spam or trap; I’m not sure what I was doing wrong there. I was also coming under a lot of pressure from the Spy.

The first map was better. I still had Spy trouble but I managed to work out directions of approach and so be somewhat effective with both grenades and stickies. I’m still not happy with my damage output, but I managed to get a fair number of kills, and assists too.

Overall, the Cup was fun, the opportunity to play Demoman in something other than a pub was great, and in a way confidence-boosting; although I didn’t exactly carry the team, I wasn’t dying all over the place and I got some useful picks and a feel for it (I’m talking the first map here). I’m not sure what other chances I’ll get. For more ‘serious’ HL games, I’m better at Engineer and other players are way better at Demoman though I’d happily play Demoman again in another knockaround cup or a scrim, with players I know so I won’t get raged at as I learn. I don’t know about 6v6, that still seems daunting.


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