TF2 Highlander For No Raisin! Result Could’ve Been Better

For No Raisin! vs KillSwitch: result a loss. The map was Badwater which we all knew well, but that made no difference. It was one of our less good games; it felt less co-ordinated and at one stage when we were coming under pressure, the comms became noisy with people speaking over each other and it became difficult to hear what was going on. This often seems to occur. However, when you’re playing in a match, there’s not much time to discuss changes in strategy or communicate errors when things are going less well, so everyone tends to pitch in at once when it’s all happening. I imagine it’s yet another thing that comes with experience and practice.

It didn’t help the mood when the other team paused the game twice, without warning though they claimed otherwise, the first time restarting without letting us know. At least two people weren’t ready and it cost us our pyro. And at the start we wanted to use a merc; we had to do quite a bit of class swapping anyway. Initially KillSwitch refused to allow it and we spent a long time debating it, eventually involving Admins. Everything contributed to a slightly stroppy atmosphere all round.

Anyway, I was back to playing Engie. Things went reasonably on Offence though we couldn’t capture the last point. The first round of Defence was alright though I didn’t manage to get a rock solid defence up on the roof above the second point as it took me a while to get enough metal to build up the gun and get all my buildings up. Everytime I went for an metal/ammo pack, it was gone but I eventually managed to grab one and build a dispenser to feed my hungry team.

The second was frustrating. I build up in a particular way if I’m setting up, up top. If it goes well (I don’t fumble at my loadout change), by the end of the start up time, I can get dispenser, teleport and at least a  level 2 sentry gun up; with a couple more hits getting it up to level 3 if I don’t, and be there ready to wrangle.

There are two reachable ammo packs near the build site and I need both; even then I only have seconds to spare . However, this time one of the packs was taken before I could get to it, so by the time the round started the gun was only level 1. This meant a significant part of our defence just didn’t get built and I never managed to re-establish myself properly as KillSwitch rapidly gained the upperhand and then seemed to focus me so I couldn’t get anything done.

After all this, I felt a bit annoyed with myself because Badwater is a map I know and one that I’ve played well on before, but these things happen. I’m not sure what the next match will be, we’ve still got an earlier one to play; pl_upward. We were rolled on that last time.


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