TF2 Wireplay Highlander: FNR! latest result

For No Raisin! had our third Team Fortress 2 Highlander match last night, playing DoublePlusGood on Upward, a pushing the little cart map (payload map). We were destroyed last time last time we played it, in the ETF2L Community Challenge so I wondered how we would do this time around.

It was all very exciting. We had a last minute drop-out when our pyro discovered a storm was heading his way in Germany so he had to switch off all the electricity in his house. We managed to get a replacement, leaving him presumably sitting in a darkened house, sans internet sans computer, in his insulated Safe Room eating cold plain sauerkraut, and got on with the game.

And, the result: Victory!!!!

We won.

Well played all round.  I’m still not sure, however, about the way the Wrangled sentry gun is sometimes  regarded as the ultimate Engy weapon at all times. It does have it’s place both for normal and mini-sentries as I’ve found, but particularly against organised teams who know how to deal with one, it’s not perfect. I’d like more practice with the Wrangler anyway, but practicing properly as an Engineer on pub servers is almost impossible especially on defence. Half the time, about three people turn Engie, with me making the fourth and it becomes ludicrous. I just can’t do it. I go Demoman.

Update: for those of the Readership concerned over the welfare of our pyro; he has already posted once this morning to the WDG forum so it can be assumed all is now well.


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  1. Nice to hear that the storm has passed for the pyro 😀

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