Team Fortress 2; busy busy, the pyro update and what has Valve been smoking?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Team Fortress 2 community.

First we had the long awaited Meet the Pyro video last Friday. Valve has made one of these for each of the TF2 classes, Meet the Pyro was the last one. Here it is.

I like it. I like it a lot.

Along with the video, Valve gave us other good things. We received new weapons and items to be found as drops, bought or crafted, and updates to ones we have already. Teddy Roosebelt can now apparently get assist kills, though I haven’t seen this yet. The Demoman now has a parrot which can get assist kills too. The Quickfix Medic gun now allows the Medic to fly through the air with his patient, as his patient rocket or sticky jumps. And we’ve been given in-game pyro goggles which allow us to see the world as the Pyro sees it; a beautiful place, people explode into balloons and glitter. It’s Berath vision (my clan said that).


Badlands Happy Place

I think it’s all lovely and it makes me happy. I’d like to wear them and for everything to be like that all of the time. And in the game too.

Valve also brought out a new game mode/map, Doomsday; Special Delivery mode . Here, both teams race to capture a case of Australium,  a highly valuable metal element discovered in Australia and likely why Australia is so technologically advanced. Apparently the United States once had a supply of Australium. They invested it all in an attempt to launch monkeynaut, Poopy Joe, into space. Following the ensuing tragic failure, all the Australium went missing and, according to records, has not been found since.

In this re-enactment, the Australium is to be delivered to Poopy Joe so he can rocket into space. The team with the Australium needs to stand on a launch platform as it rises to the top of a rocket, where it is inserted into the tip.

It’s a fun map, but one that very easily becomes a spamfest and too chaotic with a lot of players, it’s not a big map.  I’d like to see it played 6v6, or more likely in Highlander, where it might work better.

Tragic Poopy Joe

And then, outside all this, we have the build-up to the Multiplayer i46 LAN Party. Currently it looks as if it’ll have the biggest TF2 attendance, ever; not sure if this is ever ever, or just ever UK, but anyhow I think we’ll get around 400 TF2ers. As rumoured before, there is now definately, a community funding drive to get two US teams to the LAN.  $20000 is the goal, which is a bit of a reach, but we’ve been told that there are already the resources  to get one team there.

ETF2L are also running a Highlander Nations Cup. They’ve managed to gather 30 teams from 30 countries, the first match between Turkey and France was on Monday.  The teams comprise mixes of both regular 6v6 and regular Highlander players. It’ll be interesting to see how the games play ou with this, since each format plays differently due to the team composition and unlocks, and favours different maps.

On the 6v6 front we’ve had a number of finals including the S12 ETF2L playoffs. However, most seem to have involved Infused and Epsilon playing each other. A bit of a shake-up is needed here I think, however there have been various changes in line-up to keep the community amused. A 6v6 Nations Cup is looming and is now accepting sign-ups but may lack the entertainment value of renown 6v6 players having a go at Engineer or Heavy in a Highlander match.

On a personal, Berath note, I’ve started a Highlander mix group; The Mixter-Maxter Highlander Group. Anyone from the Readership is free to join, though you’ll make best use of the group if you have TF2 installed and play it. I hope it will make games of Highlander easier, I hope members will take advantage of it and use it.

And finally, FNR! have scheduled the last matches in the Wireplay 9v9 League

8th July   FNR! vs One Round Wonders

12th July FNR! vs Uberium The Third

15th July  FNR! vs Team Awesome!

Good luck to all but mostly to us.

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  1. The world through the pyro’s eyes. Just awesome! 😀

    • Thanks spinkss aka arbitrary! The map we’re playing tonight is a push the cart map; Swiftwater. We’ve hardly played it. I’ve only played it a couple of times and it was mayhem so I’ve no idea how the game will go. Badly maybe 😀

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