Team Fortress 2 Top News. For No Raisin! Team pushes cart

Last night’s game against The One Round Wonders (1RW) on pl_swiftwater_ugc ended in victory for FNR!

It all got off to a slightly confused start due to various server and sourcemod problems; we were playing on another server due to ping issues. We finished off playing on our Who Dares Grins server.

Since we were unfamiliar with Swiftwater, we spent a time before the match going over positioning and in particular sentry gun placement. I’d watched a couple of UGC Highlander casts of Swiftwater games earlier (UGC is the US TF2 League); as usual they just showed that no sentry gun position is ideal, they go down whatever.

1RW played well. On offence there were few caps made with seconds to go before time ran out. However, this just lengthed the time we had to beat when when our turn came to push (basically, we needed to do the same or more, in less time). Our pushes were strong though.

On defence, building prioritisation an issue. Putting up dispensers was fine,  even a level 1 dispenser is useful. However, 1RW played relatively agressively and I found I needed to keep some defence on the cart more-or-less all the time. One of the tricks of payload is to try to always have someone pushing the cart  because the match is time-based.

At the same time, a teleport is essential especially on a large map like Swiftwater. A teleporter needs to recharge before it can teleport a player, the higher the level, the faster it recharges. I found myself having to decide whether to upgrade the sentry gun to help keep the cart clear and defend, or upgrading the teleporter. Alongside all that, I also had to decide when and where to move the teleporter as the frontline advanced on a map I didn’t know well. All good Engie fun.

The wrangler saw some use. I’ve said before I find it less useful against a team that expects and knows how to deal with a wrangled sentry gun if you’re more-or-less set up on your own. Spies often wait and then backstab you because you’re focussed on aiming and snipers line up for a headshot, especially if a team is co-ordinated which they should be. When under attack, it’s often best to just to grab your sentry and run (in fact, one of the purposes of a sentry gun, wrangled or not, can be simply to force a team to pop uber).

On offence, I used mini-sentries as usual, covering whoever is on the cart, often me, and to try and clear ground ahead and behind as we move. As I’ve played more, I’m spending more time pushing the cart rather than nursing my buildings. Moving dispensers and teleports is a matter of judgement; the need to push vs the need to move a building up. Dying can be useful here, for making sure the teleporter entrance is up and where it should be on respawn! One thing;  I’m saying ‘moving’ but it’s usually quicker and safer to destroy a building and rebuild where you need it. For this reason I always try to make sure I’ve enough metal to build at least a dispenser.

Anyway, the result was good. Looking at Division 4, it looks like we won’t come last now whatever we do, and that’s ignoring the team that defaulted.  I’m certainly happy with that.


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  1. Don’t finish last?

    Clearly there’s a LACK OF AMBITION.

    At least you didn’t do as shite as I did. 😦

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