TF2 FNR!: Two for the price of one. So Near. Yet so far.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. And we mostly lost some this weekend, but it was so close, so close it almost hurt.

Our match against Uberium finally took place on Saturday, playing two maps, Converge and Foundary. I felt Converge was a bit of a mess. It was a ctf map (capture the flag) but with a twist, there was one ‘flag’ at  a central point which needed to be taken to the enemy base.

The map was unfamiliar (I’d never played it before) and we just couldn’t get it. Comms became confused. As an engie, I found it hard to work out my tactics. I used mini sentries at the central point but I felt a strong tug to be back at our base once the flag was captured, to defend with normal sentries. The map seemed to play fast, another factor which made it difficult to work out where to build apart from a teleport to the centre.

We lost the game pretty decisively.

Confused Heavy

Confused Scout

Confused Engineer

Foundary was better. We’d played the map before and more-or-less knew our tactics. Comms were better. The only difficulty there was one faced by engineers on all 5cp maps; the moving spawn points. This isn’t too bad if the game moves slowly, but at times we were capturing  points in rapid succession so it was hard to keep up with the teleporters.

We won this one, making the overall result a Draw.

The final match of the Season took place on Sunday; for third place. We were playing Team Awesome; a fairly new competitive clan. There were two maps, Koth pro-viaduct and Gravelpit, and the games were tight. On viaduct it all hinged on the last game and we lost with about 1 second on the clock; if we’d just managed to hold them off for 1 more second we’d have taken it and won. It hurt.

Gravelpit was close too; again they pipped us, this time by 55 seconds. If we’d held on to point B by that amount of time, again the game would have been ours. It hurt again.

So overall we lost; and  it was fourth place in the Division. As someone said, is  it worse that we were so close and both games could have gone either way or it is worse to be steamrolled?

On the bright side for me, Team Awesome complained about the mini-sentries after viaduct; in a good natured way. This showed they were doing their job; coupled with the shotgun.

Pro Viaduct

Final feedback on the Season? Overall, I still think we need to be more disciplined about Comms, in particular when things aren’t going to plan. It’s not so much unnecessary calling, it’s more chatter and general noise causing calls etc to be missed. It was the same when I was Raiding in  LoTRO. I’m a bit of a stickler here. In some of the Boss fights in LoTRO, us tanks were required to aggro swap; we had to watch for debuffs and listen out for the call to change. Any unnecessary talk was a distraction; apologies for getting too close followed by an exonerating reply, exclaimations, general remarks about the fight, probably the sort of thing that makes Raiding fun for most people. But not killjoy Berath.

But we have got better as a team since we first started in ETF2L. I remember us crumbling when we met with aggressive or particularly focussed opponents. Team Awesome came on strong on viaduct, straight-off using the soldier to bomb our medic (jump on), but this was identified after the first round (which we lost) and we compensated. I could see us adapting our tactics as the match continued. Particularly on Gravelpit, there was also more communication with me, the Engie. Usually Engineers are very much left to get on with it, which is fine, but having three buildings to think about and often being away from the main action, sometimes it helps with prioritisation and co-ordination e.g. moving from point B to C in Gravelpit. In other matches, I’ve spoken, but have got drowned out, another reason I like quieter comms.

So we’re getting there. And here’s to us continuing, whatever we call ourselves next.


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