‘These are the worst in comp TF2 and they’re still rolling you!’ (quote: Pledge 17/8/2012)

Things are going well as I learn to play 6v6, though currently we’re all on a bit of a losing streak (we’ve lost every game so far). I’m one of a group of players all new to 6v6, mainly from the UKCS community with a sprinkling of newbies from WDG such as myself. Pledge is our guide and mentor. The main idea is to arrange newbie mixes with new players on both sides but it’s been difficult to get 12 people together so we’ve been going up against Div 6 teams. And losing; hence the  the title.

It’s not really raw skill that is letting us down. As I’ve said before, the skill of our opponents isn’t much different from the skill level I meet on the WDG server for instance when all our regs and members are playing. What makes the difference is speed, gamesense and teamwork and that’s becoming clearer and clearer. Putting Pledge’s quote in context, he also said that this was exactly what he expected. There is a significant skill leap from pub to 6v6. In pub it doesn’t really matter how long you take to get to mid, if you run out of ammo there is usually an Engineer’s dispenser you can rely on, as a Demoman if you die because you’re out of position it makes no overall difference as there may be two other Demomen on the team and you’ve got ten other people on your team still up. In 6v6 all this does matter. Suddenly the fact that you hit a wall on your rollout or mistimed a jump becomes crucial, a death due to being out of position could cause a wipe, you’re last to mid; it’s already stickied  and the enemy have established position, you’ve lost the point and they’ve the advantage.

And of course the teamwork which is neglible in pub becomes vital. Scouts protect the Demoman from enemy scouts plus the enemy roaming soldier, make vital enemy picks and finish off opponents damaged by the Demoman, the Demoman dishes out damage and deals with area control, the roaming soldier bombs and takes out the enemy medic and Demoman, the pocket soldier protects the medic and together as a combo they lead pushes. For it all to work, everyone needs to know what everyone else is doing and where everyone else is; teamwork and communication.

That is the tough part. We’re going up against teams which even though they’re in Div 6, have got this at at least a basic level. At the moment, we haven’t, so however good our individual skill levels may be, we loose. And I’m fine about this.It’s what I expected too, so I’m happy to carry on and get there.

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  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know. 😉

    Personally, I don’t think Pledge has the patience or even that part of his brain which reminds him that he was new to 6v6 once – but hey ho. The only thing I can suggest is just work on one part of your team’s game at a time, the human brain is very good at gradual learning; not learning EVERYTHING at once! 😀

  2. if it makes you feel better, when I started playing comp last summer, my team of 5 guys completely new to comp plus one veteran were also getting slaughtered by div 6 teams, daily, for a month or more. But then something clicked, and we went from losing every game vs div6 to winning some, to winning all, to playing div 5 teams and sometimes winning, and then to usually winning, all during the second month.

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