TF2: Handbags slightly bruised; EU best at KOTH?

The Transatlantic Highlander Showdown is over and Handbags at Dawn didn’t do too badly though unfortunately final bragging rights went to the North Americans. We lost on pl_Barnblitz, won on Viaduct (a King of the Hill map) and lost on pl_Badwater.

To be honest I wasn’t that surprised. The payload maps were played on their servers which meant that ping was a bit of an isssue, but over and above this, we hadn’t really been winning our payload games conclusively enough during our practice scrims to be able to be totally confident of victory.

We came close to winning the final map on Badwater though. We managed to hold first until there were just a few seconds left of the game but then they got it with the help of a well-timed uber on the cart. After that, the timer went up after each cap until by the last point we would have had to have held them for about 10 minutes to win.

But whatever, the games were fun (the main reason for it all) and a good time was had by all, and hopefully by the viewers on the stream as well.

It was strange playing in an all-female team and against an all-female team as well. Someone remarked how odd it felt referring to everyone as ‘she’ when ‘he’ is the usual default. So often in teams, the only female player plays Medic whilst the men go out and get the frags (female = healing/support role), there was a joke going round before the match wondering how teams of 9 medics would work. Here fragging, and everything else, was up to us and there could be no snide remarks about girls being carried!

We also had various comments beforehand from the community. On the ETF2L forum, posters stated a desire to tune in simply to hear our comms. This puzzled me. It was later clarified; apparently more than one female in comms = bitching and arguments so the thought of 9 of them blew males’ minds. Alright. There were also the predictable sexual comments in various forums and arguments over the very existence of girls’ teams…basically they were separatist and excluding. An argument I’ve yet to hear over the existence of the national TF2 teams. It’s true that I’d object to an all male team that refused females unless there was a specific reason (gay, male bodybuilders, castratos); why have such a team anyway when 99% of teams are 100% male. If the majority of players were female and a  group of males wanted to play TF2 together for fun though, I’d like to think that I’d respect that as some in-game ‘man time’.

In the terms of a serious competitive all-female team, I’m torn. It’d be nice showing females can compete equally with males and be taken seriously but the final goal really is to have many good female Demos/scouts/soldiers etc playing on mixed teams. That in itself would be proof.

(I can see it…last Saturday, an 11 year old girl watching with her Dad, excited by seeing other girls playing games, thinks ‘what a bunch of no-name scrubs, I can do better’ and 5 years later is playing in Prem, because of course TF2 will go on forever)

Anyhow, it’s now preparation for the Round Robin on Sunday. We’re with the EU teams and Lady Fortress 2 with the NA teams. In between planning for our revenge match when we’ll send them packing, I wish them luck.


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  1. Glad to hear that a good giggle was had by all. But I’m genuinely surprised that there appears to be some ambiguity / vagueness over acceptance / non-acceptance of Ladies gaming. Maybe I’m ignorant to the fuller and bigger picture. But I’ve always thought that gaming was rather sexless. People joint together and play a game. Irrespective of their age, sex, color or favorite unicorn. But then again I’m not a very good or active gamer. I’ve had my gibbed arse handed to me by practically everyone. Regardless of whether they are male or female.

    The thought occurs to me though. In TF2 the characters are all male (although I still believe that under that rubber suit of the pyro you will find a lass). Yet in Planet Side 2 and Fire Fall, WOW, DCUOL, UT, The Secret World (and a whole host of other games in fact) it’s possible to play male or female characters. So in those kind of games are we to believe that all the female avatars are really female players? Well I know that’s not the case as I’ll typically choose a female character. Not due to any latent lifestyle choices 🙂 But purely done to the fact that if I’m going to be playing a game for hours on end, who’s arse would I rather be staring at?

    So with that in mind, why is someone’s sex so important in a video game? But like I said, I’m probably missing the point 😀

    • Yep, all it was was a bunch of females getting together for a giggle and a bit of Highlander in a casual fun tournament aimed at new comp players, finding out there was enough of us to form an NA and an EU team and deciding to have a match which was then used to publicise the tournament and give some entertainment because, well why not.

      Someone said something like the words ‘woman, girls or female’ should never be written in a gaming post because they acted as too much of a trigger for some people!

      • LOL 😀 Weird world at times. But if the bottom line is that everyone who played had a good giggle, then all kinds of good 🙂

    • Without sounding overly masculine I do have somewhat of a theory about this kind of behaviour.

      I think this is down to the masculine feeling of supriority some men feel they have over women – “this game is for men, surely. Why is a woman playing this game?” – I don’t know, but that kind of backwards thinking.

      (No names will be mentioned because I don’t like shit coming back to me when it’s written down for all to see.)

      Back in VanillaTV there was a certain Prem level team with a female Medic who split opinion about her within the community. Whilst some within VTV thought she was there because of her ability there were an equal amount that beieve she was only in Prem because:
      – She knew certain people
      – As above but these people “fancied her”
      – Or, perhaps the most vulgar, because “she had a vag”/”she’s a girl”

      A lot of these comments by these people were made behind closed doors, be it the VTV Admin/Staff Room or in semi-public channels in IRC like #tf2.europe – very big and very clever. (That last part was sarcasm incase one was wondering…) Some even took to the STV chat when the games she was in were being casted: Hoping for failure, picking on every small mistake (A dead Scout she was nowhere near, a dead Soldier because they over-extended) it was all quite upsetting to even think people were acting like this purely because she was…well, a “she”.

      Comments like this made in VTV Staff channel were quite shot down to a small murmur of “How cute, Lefty” comments and things like that. It wasn’t unnerving, I knew the girl very well but never told her (neither, unless she finds this comment) will she know how many times I bothered to educate the ineducable – In other words, I didn’t see what was so coo about standing up for her if I wasn’t going to tell her I did – surely that was be an obvious sign of…well, “that”. :p

      It is my own opinion that women have as much right as men to play a game undisturbed – to ask that question in the first place is either naive or stupidly backwards thinking. Perhaps my experiences aren’t an isolated case — I’d love to think it is, but the internet can be a cold, dark and depressing place with some very dark thinking people.

      …For the record, I will say this: Girl gamers, please – don’t be overly annoying. I know it’s all fun with the “girl power” stuff and flirting with “inexperienced in that area” nerdy guys but seriously that kinda shit creates that distinction which WILL single you out. The best girls I know online which I label as good friends are the ones that don’t play the “I’m a girl” card to win over friends. I’m not sexist, I’m just “people-that-annoy-me…ist”. 😡

      Apologies for turning your blog into a discussion about sexism, Berath – I’ll behave in future. 😦

      • No no Lefty…good comment

        And unfortunately something that happens in other games too. There seem to be more higher profile female gamers in League of Legends. I don’t think there is one who hasn’t had similar stuff said about her.

  2. Interesting post, sounds like fun!

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