Ambling back into Life

It’s been a while. I’ve been busy with my TF2 multi-gaming community; in fact I seem to have found myself one of the Clan Leaders. I always say yes to these things. A lot of what I’ve been doing has been trying to promote the community and the server. It hasn’t been easy. A few posts ago I wrote about issues faced by smaller TF2 communities. It’s actually bigger than that. It seems to be something affecting forums in general; there is a general decrease in activity. Could it be the rise of Facebook and other social networks, drawing people away?

I’ve some of my own thoughts; possibly linked to the increase of f2p, the move of gaming towards a means of mass entertainment and more casual gaming. As well as a decrease in people wanting to join gaming communities,  in mmos there seems to be more of a shift towards players wanting single player content, avoiding the need to group. Drop in and pop out seems to be the way increasingly. People seem to not to want to make links in the same way.

But anyway, before further thinking and further posting, here is a photograph of the TF2 community taken at i49. I think that will do as a full report almost 3 months later.


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  1. The single player MMO was something that WOW was moving towards a few years ago. There was a bit of heated discussion as regards was it right to make all the content available, even to individuals that weren’t in a clan at all? This ranged from “It’s dangerous to go alone”, through to individuals stating that “I’ve paid, I want”.

    Free to play has certainly changed things. And also the “beta access” gaming. The market has certainly shifted. And with the release of the next generation of consoles its interesting to note that the PS4 has a “Share” button. So as to allow users to upload their gaming moments to YouTube and/or FaceBook with ease.

    Or are we all just too busy now these days? Several friends have commented on that they simply do not have the free time anymore to contribute to games. So where one of them used to play EVE, they now play Candy Crush.

    Or is this a simple ebb and flow of people, and we will them return over time?

    • I’m not sure. It’s certainly true that lack of time is a contribution. It’s quicker and easier to solo quest. And mmos are notorious timesinks, the grinding, the gearing up. I can see why a more casual play style would develop.

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