LoTRO: what have you done!

Back in November, a new expansion was released for Lord of the Rings Online; Helm’s Deep. Great. There’s nothing like a new expansion, full of new content with a raised maximum level, fresh material and everything.  You may not have played for a while, you might have exhausted the previous content, gone on to other things, taken a break, but now, tally ho, you’re ready to jump in resume afresh.

But…..but….but…..when you load up the game and once more take up your dagger/bow/spear or whatever, not only do you find you have to re-allocate the points to your legendary weapons; this happens everytime, but you half your skills have disappeared!

After a few moments panic as you try and work out what’s happened and what’s missing, you discover a Traits Tree. A Traits Tree with points to spend and it looks like some of your missing skills are embedded in there. You spend points, and build up your skills that way; very similar to building a character in Rift or masteries in League of Legends.

Well this is all fine. However it’s an immense change from how LoTRO originally managed skills, basically you just got them, and there is the thing. Such changes are fine if you’ve been constantly playing the game, reading developer notes and keeping track on the forums. This is not the way many people play MMOs these days when there are so many other games and other MMOs out there. They play, get to max level, finish the content and then go, as I’ve said. They only return when new material comes out and if the learning curve to access that new material is too high, well they may never end up returning at all.

It’s taken me a long time to manage to sit down and respec my Guardian, work out exactly what I want to do. Once started it was alright but I felt his build was not the same as it was and I don’t know how he will play any more, some of my favourite skills seem to have gone. I’m going to have to get used to that. I’m also not sure how his legendary weapons will fit since many of them have legacies tailored to specific skills that he may not have any more.

One of the reasons I’m keeping on is my kinship, I have plenty of incentive to continue there. But I can’t help thinking that when MMOs make changes like this which I don’t see as necessary or particularly benefiting a game, that they risk loosing a fair percentage of their players who either aren’t in kinships or who now have a more casual involvement in the game.

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  1. Probably one of the most frustrating things an MMO can do to you. It’s like going to your favorite race track and finding out that they have just finished building a new Alpine section. You rush off to your garage to retrieve your favorite sports car, only to find that the venue has taken the kind liberty of removing all the body kits. Fitted standard wheels. And moved and changed most of the controls.

    “But where in the hell of the fluffy destroyer are my fury dice?” you yell.

    To which the reply comes

    “Oh you silly thing, you though we stole them? Oh but no. We simply took them down and hid them under a blanket”.

    So have fun now trying to set up your car exactly how you like it. Familiar, and yet not all at the same time. Gear stick in a slightly different place. In fact different gear box ratios. Indicator stalk now on the other side of the steering wheel. And where is your sun visor? Oh, no that’s now gone. Not needed any more. Apparently that information has been on the notice board in the canteen for at least a month. Shame you haven’t been here for nearly half a year.

    Good luck setting you your character 🙂

  2. Oh, and Happy New Year 😀

  3. Totally agree with you here. The thing that stabs me the most is that these changes weren’t really needed. In LotRO the classes had unique roles, I always thought that was one of the strong points of the game, setting them apart from other games. Now much of that is just thrown out of the window, seemingly without much consideration on what impact that will have on their player base.

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