Rescued from Daytime Television; watching streams

I haven’t been writing much lately and for once it’s not because I just haven’t got round to it.

Back in February I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I went into hospital for surgery at the end of March, was in for about a week and then discharged with not a lot of use in my left arm whilst my various bits and bobs healed up. This meant gaming wasn’t really an option for a few weeks.

Further tests were required to make sure all the cancer had been removed; MRI scans, bone scans that sort of thing, which were all a bit scary and, which in turn, didn’t put me in a mood conducive to gaming or writing whilst I was waiting for results.

During this time, I had films and videos to watch and books to read of course. However a lot of the time I just wanted something to watch mindlessly to pass away the time. I had daytime television of course but I didn’t want to completely melt my mind and turn my brain to pulp watching an endless progression of  ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show USA’; ‘Saints and Scroungers’; ‘Helicopter Heroes Down Under’ and the like.

I found watching Twitch streams; watching gamers online play video games, satisfied my requirements. They were undemanding, I’ve always enjoyed watching people play games anyway, it was just what I needed. I could watch the games and listen to the players talk and nothing more was asked of me.


(by the way all the results are back now and I’m in the clear, so it’s on with the treatment plan to stop it coming back now, most likely chemotherapy plus other stuff)

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  1. /hugs – I’m very glad to hear that the results came back clear.

  2. Fantasique Biologique

    Actually, it’s a brilliant time to explore and learn about adaptive gaming.

    back in the 90s when the “made for windows” testing actually was a QA program (IMO it really degraded to pay your money and get your sticker that now nobody cares about) you’d get dinged for not having functions accessible via keyboard – because not everyone can use a mouse.
    Is there a horizon? oh sure, not everyone can do everything (hard to make a non-text game for both the deaf AND the blind) but it’s often right now way too constrictive really due to assumptions (on both the game developer AND the target user assumign there aren’t adaptive controllers possible, etc)

    It bleed into, not just adaptives too
    young developers (not just games) assume a lot, ike screen resolutons and aspect ratio
    it’s like the current crop have forgotten abstraction in their design

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