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Battling on Battlefield 3

I had some good games in Battlefield 3, the other night, on our new BF3 server. Yes, after years of rejecting the realism of the standard first-person shooter, I’ve started playing one. Having been softened up by TF2, I reckon.

TF2 = downward spiral

Anyhow, we’re trialling a server. Many in the clan and community have moved away from TF2 now, they’ve been playing it since it began and there’ve been many changes in the game, which some feel have diluted it’s nature. So it made sense for the Clan to look at other games being played. And BF3, being one of the most recent and biggest releases seemed an obvious choice.

We decided to start modest and get a 32-slot servers and trial it for 3 months. It’s been set to a mix of Rush and Conquest maps (Rush: basically attack and defend, Conquest: basically capture points) with a 2-player start up. The default is 8-player but this is a large number of players for a small community to guarantee being available to start a server up (below that number, you’re just frozen in place waiting for others to join).

The first night we only managed to play with three or four of us, with no randoms joining us. Randoms tend to be the key to a server’s success; players who either find the server via the Quick Play option or via the server filter. Regulars are also vital of course, but unless you have a huge pool, there are often not enough fill a server. The hope is, of course, that enough randoms will favourite the server and become Regulars to do this and build a community. It’s the same really in TF2.

The other night, however, we managed to more-or-less fill the server. A fair few were us, along with various friends, but others I didn’t recognise. I hope they were randoms.  There have been complaints in BF3 forums that the Quick Play system wasn’t picking up some servers so they weren’t getting random players. Also that only a certain number of servers ever showed up in the browse servers option, this option seriously needs refining anyway. You can’t filter for ping for starters which means a large number of the servers that show up after a search are of little use. But maybe the other night showed that the WDG server was managing to get itself picked up.

Anyway, time will tell.

Edit: patch came out today which seemed to set minimum number of players to 4, to prevent stats padding apparently. They have also reduced idle time before you get kicked. Together these are potentially not good.

(shameless plug: server name WDG)