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Pontypool Changes Everything

I think this was my favourite film at Frightfest (horror film festival linked earlier, film description below)


Most of the film took place in a radio recording studio, the significance of the violent events taking place outside only gradually emerging. Slowly the central premise of the film was pieced together by the besieged radio crew; a virus was spreading through the local town, the method of transmission, the English language.


I found out afterwards that it was based on a book by Tony Burgess so of course I had to read up on it. First stop was Amazon, of course, where they had a copy for £139. This was perhaps a little more than I wanted to pay but further nosing about dug out a copy for around £15. I know what I’m going to be reading over the next couple of weeks! It might not be an easy read, one of the reviews said that it’s extremely dense, surreal, and at times requires intense concentration to grasp certain meanings and concepts but I love the idea that from time to time he writes from the viewpoint of the infected as their cognitive processes start to deteriorate and their sense of language slips. I’m off to Paris with my Mum at the end of the month. I might take it with me to read in the Parisian cafes whilst sipping coffee and eating cake.