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Brink, now, and Engineering

Last week I bought Brink, the new  fps from Splash Damage. There are currently a lot of issues with it concerning general bugginess and lack of balance in classes and maps, but I’ve been enjoying it.

I’m only playing the single-player at the moment, mainly to get a grip on the game and to unlock all my abilities. And, since Engineer is my favourite class in TF2, I’ve been playing the engineer in Brink. In Brink, various abilities differentiate the classes, apart from these, all use the same weapons and can have light/medium/heavy builds. This is, of course different in TF2 where each class plays and handles very differently in it’s own right. In Brink, I’ve now reached level 10, rank 3. I can buff weapons and armour and I can use sentry guns or turrets, I can now use medium turrets. The buffing is straightforward but the turrets are more interesting. Reading the forums, opinion is divided over whether they’re any use. Some people feel they’re underpowered, others feel they don’t not lock on to their targets or track fast enough, or at least consistently. This last point, I think is fair enough. I haven’t really noticed it yet, but as I said, I’ve only played off-line up to now.

But saying they are underpowered, that to me is debatable. A lot of the time, the turrets are being compared with TF2 sentry guns. Now in TF2 there are basically two ways of playing Engie, defensive and offensive. The defensive Engineer will often build a level 3 sentry gun and with one of these, and a level 3 dispenser at his back to provide healing and metal, can pretty much defend a control point or hold a choke point on his own until taken out by an uber, a spy or a  focussed attack by the enemy.

TF2 Sentry guns (l to r); level 1, level 2, level 3

However, playing offensively, the Engineer needs to be able to move more, keeping up with the front line and is often a Gunslinger Engineer, equipping a gunslinger melee weapon, raising his health and allowing him  to build combat mini-sentries. Now these are totally disposable. The damage they give out is even less than a level 1 sentry gun and they are easily destroyed, so it’s pretty obvious that they can’t be used for holding control points. But they can be built very quickly for less metal, so the Gunslinger Engineer will sling one up where it can distract,  where it  take people out unawares, or where it can provide back-up and kill assists. And as soon as one goes up, the Gunslinger Engineer is already thinking about where the next one can go.

Mini sentry

So, is this how turrets should be used in Brink? They’re only under powered if you try and use them like a TF2 level 3 sentry gun, and that’s not  supposed to be their purpose. I’m looking forward to trying the turrets out under ‘live’ conditions, as it were, on-line. Like I said, interesting.

Turret from Brink