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Destination Gamer: our new BFFs

Running a gaming community is not the easiest of things these days. Neither is keeping a gaming forum going with all the many alternatives such as Facebook, blogs, twitter etc, not to mention things like reddit.

So, it seems reasonable that a fair solution is to for smaller gaming communities in particular to band together and share resources.

Destination Gamer contacted me a while ago to suggest just such an affiliation. They’re another small gaming community, UK based, but unlike WDG which is pc-focussed, DG comprises mainly console gamers. However, they do have some pc gamers who are currently under-served, just as WDG have some console gamers who we don’t really cater for. All very complementary. The fact that we both have such similar initials also begged for a working partnership.

We’re now doing some cross-promoting of events. I don’t think it’s something that will explode into life straight-off, but it allows both communities to offer a little extra and often this sort of thing only bears fruit further down the line.

Unwelcome Moves in the console world

As well as my beloved PC, I also have a PS3, I bought it over the summer.  I didn’t have the time to play all the games I wanted on my PC so it seemed a logical step to buy a console so that I wouldn’t have the time to play all the games I wanted to on that as well.

Anyhow, I bought a few games and was lent a couple more. I bought a HDTV to go with it. It was all very nice and I discovered the joy of sitting comfortably on the sofa, in my front room, playing games on my new big television. Just right after a day at work.

But then I heard of this thing called Playstation Move (the equivalent for XBox 360 being the Kinetic). Suddenly Playstation Move seemed to be the next big thing – a motion-sensing game controller. First thought: well why, second thought: are development resources going to start to be diverted towards adapting games  and producing second-rate games for Move. I was concerned. And now I have heard that the Heavy Rain Chronicles prequel DLC (Heavy Rain: interesting, well thought of game) has been put on hold to allow for the development of  a Move-adapted edition of the original game. I am not happy, are we going to see more of this?

And this takes me back to my first thought ‘Why?’. Why would I want a motion controlled sensor to play my games? If I want to leap around the room playing computer games I would buy a Wii. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for interesting and different games’ interfaces but not at the cost of the games I might want to play and not when I don’t see them serving a purpose; Guitar Hero 2 – yes, Gears of War 2 – no. And I don’t want to come home of an evening, and instead of quietly sitting on my sofa with my D-pad, have to jump up and flail and lunge as I duel sheep or shoot orcs on-screen. What about the poor sod who is trying to read a book next to you? What about the cat? Lara Croft needs to leap off a cliff; I have to climb onto the table and jump off to make it happen – is this where it’ll end? Is this where it’s going?

I must say, I’m starting to take an extremely dim view of it all.

And thank goodness the PC seems happy to stick with the good old mouse and keyboard combo.