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Rift and my faerie

Whilst LoTRO is going through it’s content-lite phase, in the rare moments when I’ve not been playing Team Fortress, I’ve been playing in the, relatively new, MMO, Rift.

A lot of people have already blogged about Rift and have said some useful stuff. As you all know, I am incapable of ever writing anything of any relevance so I won’t tell you anything that might help you play the game, I’ll tell you instead of about my chav faerie, Petal.

Because she’s ace.

My character in Rift is a Defiant cleric with justicar/shaman/druid souls. Petal comes with the druid. At first I thought she was just rather sweet but then I noticed something. I’d be crossing a field full of shambling undead, on my way to peaceably harvest some rat tails for a local NPC vendor. Petal would be flittering behind me. Note, behind me. Then, from in front, shambling undead, runs straight past me, to Petal.

There was no way I could have aggro’d them, well if I had they would have gone for me. But yes, I’d turn around and there’d she be, seriously handing it to shambling undead, taking it down with a quick one, two. My only conclusion, Petal, from behind me, giving a bit of  the old ‘you’re going home in a St John’s ambulance’, ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’, shambling undead falls for it, getting a bit riled, goes for the kill, gets taken down.

Petal, dyed blond hair piled high and pulled tightly back, ity bity skirt, rules.

Apart from that, what does Petal do? Well she heals. After the fight. I’ve just managed to scrape through alive. I’m standing there. Petal throws some leaves over me, they do a bit of healing. Thanks Petal, could have done with that during the fight. Petal ‘s not bovvered.

Petal 'wot you lookin at?'

Echoes of the Dead is here…er….are here?!

New material in LOTRO. New instances, a new raid and no radiance. We’re going to have a crack at the new Raid tonight and Sunday, previously those were our Barad Guldur evenings. As I said in my last post, we’ve got the LT down Normal mode a few times but have yet to attempt Challenge mode. I’d like to think that we will one day….may be a small group of masochists will get together at some points and have a go.

However, there is still concern over the amount of new content being released. Hopefully the Raid will keep us busy for a while but I’m not sure about the instances. Apart from that there are character changes to be explored and the changes to the Legendary Items; the relic system, and the new book but for a largely end-game kin such as ourselves, there is not a lot more. No new areas to explore and no questing.

But as an alternative kin-game Rift is keeping us busy and together, which is good. The guild there is doing well with plenty of members, it’s nice. We have our LoTRO members (including some members who had drifted away), we have members who have come to us via friends, usually through blogging, and some fresh members who have simply seen us about.

It does all mean that the flavour of this blog may change a little. I’ve largely wanted to write about LoTRO in the past, but, because things have been quiet, I’ve been writing a lot less. I hope to continue with LOTRO as of all the mmos I’ve played/am playing I’ve taken to it most, but I think I will start to write about Rift, a little about WoW and Team Fortress 2, as well as the inconsequential nonsense I’ve always written about.

But anyway, with luck I can report back on the new raid after tonight. I just hope the stair count will be less.