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League of Legends (with a sprinkle of Super Monday Night Combat)

Well the League of Legends dabbling continues. I’ve even won a game now playing against real people, hauled into the game by a fellow WDGer, determined I should see a victory. I played as Alistar. As usual. He’s tanky and he heals and can stomp a bit, I mean what could be better?  Everyone took carries of some sort (carry = damage dealer: ‘carries’ team to victory, weaker in early game, stronger in late game, as far as I understand it), so I decided to go tanky to protect my co-laner (is that a word?) and let them build up with gold and experience gained through kills.

I’ve no idea if I did this. At first I died a lot. This is bad. If you die, the other side gets points and money which allow them to build..good for their carries. My team informed me of this. And they did this nicely. And I was nice too. They also told me nicely to use the map. And to stay in the bottom lane and hold it. And finely to just stay by our nexus (base) to defend it. Whilst they destroyed the nexus of the opposing team up the other end in a fierce battle. At the finish they told me I defended well. I think they were impressed.

Anyhow, League of Legends is known as a MOBA, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, game. The learned Readership will be able to identify key elements of these games in the description above; player character levels up fighting alongside others, all assisted by NPC units controlled by the game AI.

Super Monday Night Combat is another MOBA.  I’m in the beta at the moment and just getting to know it. On the first attempt, again I played with WDGers (3 of them) and we were steamrolled. We had no idea what was happening, though by the end we had worked out how to get ourselves into the same team and how to tell who we were fighting against which was progress I thought and good, being a beta certain aspects lack the clarity they should have. By the second go, playing on my own, I’d actually worked out the game was an MOBA and I needed to play it like LoL, before I’d looked at it as an fps. I practiced with bots, discovered how to buy and increase skills, then it was into a game. And my team won. I played a gunner, the pro I feel most at home with at the moment. Guess what. He’s tanky and he stomps a bit. Doesn’t heal though.