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Interlude: a break for coffee

Skirmishes, Mirkwood….Sometimes everything gets too much.  Sometimes simply all you want is a cup of coffee. From an automatic vending machine.

Here is a Japanese vending machine making me a cup of coffee at Worldcon 2007 in Tokyo. You can watch it doing it. It has a camera filming inside so you can see. I took a video of the video of the machine making my drink. This way lies the future.

Unrelated random fact: vending machines kill more people than sharks each year. I can believe it.

This and that

It seems I’ve sorted out some of the technicalities. So, now I suppose I need to think about what I’m going to write about. Much, I think, will be simply to entertain myself. A chance to stretch my writing muscles. I’ll cover all the usual stuff, written about in a million and one other blogs; gaming (computer and good old pen ‘n’ paper), films, books, computers and mmorpgs, this deserves a separate mention as much of my time these days is taken up with LOTRO, a mmorpg.

I’m pretty opinionated (someone behind me laughed, a little bitterly perhaps, at this!) but whether I’ll chose to share my opinions, well, I’ll see.

I’ve worked out how to do links, play with categories and insert images (this part is still a little hit and miss).  Now I just want to add my tweet/twitter/twit/whatever and we’ll be away

First step!

Well, my first step into blogging. First Facebook, then twitter, now a blog. Will there be no end to my experimentation with various forms of electronic communication. Maybe not.

I’ll start by adding a link.


I went to this at the weekend.

And now, a nice picture.


Hmmm..I don’t seem to have broken the Internet so far. Not bad.

Playing around

I think the first thing is to play around a little. So far it all looks rather incomprehensible so some poking is defnately needed.  I might even read the FAQ.