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Incurably frivolous

I’m really a very serious person. I am. And I’d like my blog to be a very serious blog. Writing serious things about MMOs and LOTRO that make people point and rub their chins thoughtfully whilst they read. I think sometimes I manage it, sort of.

But then I blow it.

And blog about a japanese coffee vending machine, how tanking the Blind One makes me feel seasick and how the teeth of the Watcher frighten me. And zombies. Always zombies.

Zombie kitten..why? Because I can!

But one day I will be a proper blogger. I will!

My blog: Berath dozes

I’ve  been a bit low on the posts so far this month. This has been for a number of reasons. First, I think I’ve been suffering a bit from the infamous pre-expansion torpor. SoM is out soon, much has been done in MoM; time for a little break apart from Raiding and some gentle alting.

Secondly, we’ve started a kin group on Steam. I already had an account, attracted by the zombies I’d bought Left 4 Dead, the co-op zombie killing game, a while ago. However I hadn’t really used Steam much apart from playing that from time to time. Anyhow, forming the group prompted me to explore some of the other games, and after recommendation from unwize, I bought this wonderful little point-and-click  indie adventure game called Machinarium; it’s got robots in, and if there is one thing I might be more into than zombies, it’s robots.

Zombie robots: nirvana

So immediately that has been taking up time; from LoTRO as well as blogging. And now Left 4 Dead 2 is out. Bigger and better. Even more zombie killing than Left 4 Dead, which I’m still playing.  So far I have played part of a single-player game one co-op game and the demo; again both single-player and as part of a successful attempt to persuade one of my kinmates to buy the full version. So there should be plenty more zombie fun in the future.

Finally, and this is something I’ve noticed since I started playing LoTRO, I don’t half talk. Sometimes I’ve  logged on and spent most of the time  just talking; carrying on conversations in fellowship chat, kinship chat, Teamspeak and a couple over tells. Now, with Steam because it starts when I boot up, I don’t even have to log onto LoTRO and I’m presented with communication opportunities. So that’s as far as I get. This did surprise me, I’ve never thought of myself as a big chatterer. But then I remembered at middle school I was never allowed to sit with my best friend because we used to talk constantly through lessons; ever so often the teacher would give us another chance and we’d blow it. So, in fact, all that’s happened is that since playing LoTRO I’ve regressed back to the age of 9. Now where’s my skipping rope….?

Zombies and typing; a natural alliance

I have no willpower and can no longer hold myself back from talking about this stonker of a game/typing tutorial.

The Typing of the Dead. There.

It came out in 2001. With the confluence of randomness that for some brings about lottery wins and vast fortunes, for me brought the convergence of zombies, computer gaming and a typing tutorial. For someone who has a great interest in zombies, enjoys computer gaming and was  trying to learn to type at that very moment in time…well you can guess who thought their ship had just come in! And who learned to type.

Since then,  enthused, I have bought;

Typing Space Harrier.

This combines a typing tutorial with space battles!!!!! On the front of the box is a man with a raygun fighting a dragon. And a picture of a mammoth with one eye in the middle of it’s forehead. Just how exciting is that! The game is fab but because I bought it in Japan and it is in Japanese and needs a Japanese keyboard,  I have not managed to find the first battle yet. But even so, there is a picture of a mammoth with only one eye in the middle of it’s forehead on the front of the box! And a man with a raygun! Fantastic.

Frightfest reviews continued: 2

I was going to add this to the earlier Frighfest reviews post but broke last night so I couldn’t, so to carry on:

Monday’s first film was


Another zombie film. Set in London. Allegedly made for only £45 though the film-makers looked a bit shifty at this. I scent spin. Anyhow, the film was effective, probably more so because it was low budget. It followed a young man, Colin, as a zombie, through a devastated London. Around him small scenes unfolded involving survivors, his family, and other victims through which he shambled, uncomprehending. In parts it was quite moving. Worth seeing I think.

The last film was

It’s Alive

This was about a baby serial killer. That is, a baby who was a serial killer, not a serial killer who killed babies which would be bad (hmm) and not, as misheard by a friend of mine, a baby seal killer which would be sad (or Norwegian; sorry Glio).

What we all want for Christmas

What we all want for Christmas

There were a few choice moments in the film. One, at the baby’s birth when the camera flickered back and forth between a scene of bloody devastation in the delivery theatre with the medical team torn limb from limb and a small baby in a blanket, was particularly of merit. Another was when mum picked up baby from chewed corpse of dead rabbit on doorstep with a gentle and slightly disappointed tsk. Maternal denial I suppose. However all in all, I would advise people to wait to enjoy It’s Alive on cable or satellite rather than pay good money.

Frightfest reviews continued: 1

After yesterday’s poetic interlude, it’s back to the Berath posse at Frightfest and more film reviews

First up. A Norwegian film.

Dead Snow

Zombie Nazis (or Nazi zombies). Can’t get better than that. Actually I  went to a zombie convention last year, ZombieCon, where the sub-genre of nazi zombies in films was discussed (incidently I gleaned a lot of very useful information at the convention which of course went straight into my Zombie Uprising Contingency Plan). The final conclusion reached by the panel regarding the popularity of such films was that 1) zombies are bad and scary, 2) nazis are evil and scary..combine the two and you get nazi zombies which are bad, evil and doubly scary!!!!! Very true. Oh and the film was pretty good by the way.