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The Lone Lands revamp

Every Tuesday evening a group of us go alting. These sessions are fun and relaxing and let us try out new classes. I have a lore-master. Currently we are all about level 30+; it was very easy and quick to level especially in a group. We were ridiculously over powered for most quests, unfortunately this meant that most mobs were dead before my poor little lore-master had had a chance to use his skills making them hard to keep track of and remember. We deliberately avoided the Lone Lands and Book 2 because of the promised revamp in SoM. This week we decided to give them a try.

Book 2 revisited starts off with with trips between Candaith by Weathertop and Saeradan’s cabin near Bree. There is now a direct horse route between the two. Very useful. Then the book absorbs quests given by Candaith directly referencing Radagast early on, and also the instance, Retake Weathertop which can now be done as a solo or as a group instance. This leads to a much more coherent feel.

After this we ended up at the Forsaken Inn. Here we encountered a bit of a hiccup. In order to continue with the book, we need to get to acquaintance with the new Eglain faction (I know this was mentioned in the notes but we’d forgotten). If we had played as I imagine an ordinary player would i.e. had done book 1, moved to the Lone Lands and started questing from the Forgotten Inn it would not have been a problem; it didn’t look as if you needed many quests to reach the required level. It just stopped us for the evening.

Anyway, no biggie. We did a bit more questing for rep and found a new quest hub. Next time we will finish off getting rep and move on to the second part of the book to meet Radagast and explore the changes around Agamaur.

The fun of alting: my little hunter

Alting, altoholicism, demonstrating a sad lack of decisiveness and commitment, whatever you chose to call it, it’s what I do. Play more than one character in my mmo. I have five of them on my LOTRO account now. I know some have more, but yes, I have five. They do me fine. And I’m fond of the lot of ’em.

My first character was my hunter. She is level 60 now. Pew, pew. That’s what she does. And that is more-or-less about that apart from the odd trap and removal of poison. There is the occasional fancy skill that can come in handy but often as not…it’s pew pew all the way especially in a group. But my hunter is great for those times when I just want to go on to cruise control, shift into neutral and coast along. And I’ve found my hunter, standing at the back tucked away out of trouble with her little supply of power and morale pots,  is pretty good for spotting those  mobs sneaking up from the side  or calling out debuffs. She can keep an eye on the whole battlefield. It’s also useful that she can keep out of the way of stuns and area attacks if she’s careful and so keep up that steady supply of dps.

And I’m not forgetting the handy bits and bobs..the ports and the speed buffs, all very nice too. The squishiness is a bit of a frustration, but then that can force you to seriously test your crowd control..traps, distracting shot for a temporary stun, rain of thorns. Good stuff I suppose, but to be honest that’s not really why I rolled a hunter so that part is less fun. And the more you spec for that the less dps you do so it’s all a bit pah.

So there you are, my hunter. The one I played first. Before my guardian. My favourite. But not my main. I don’t have one of those…just the one I play most. I’m going to speak about him next. He’s just a bit different!