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Frightfest reviews continued: 2

I was going to add this to the earlier Frighfest reviews post but broke last night so I couldn’t, so to carry on:

Monday’s first film was


Another zombie film. Set in London. Allegedly made for only £45 though the film-makers looked a bit shifty at this. I scent spin. Anyhow, the film was effective, probably more so because it was low budget. It followed a young man, Colin, as a zombie, through a devastated London. Around him small scenes unfolded involving survivors, his family, and other victims through which he shambled, uncomprehending. In parts it was quite moving. Worth seeing I think.

The last film was

It’s Alive

This was about a baby serial killer. That is, a baby who was a serial killer, not a serial killer who killed babies which would be bad (hmm) and not, as misheard by a friend of mine, a baby seal killer which would be sad (or Norwegian; sorry Glio).

What we all want for Christmas

What we all want for Christmas

There were a few choice moments in the film. One, at the baby’s birth when the camera flickered back and forth between a scene of bloody devastation in the delivery theatre with the medical team torn limb from limb and a small baby in a blanket, was particularly of merit. Another was when mum picked up baby from chewed corpse of dead rabbit on doorstep with a gentle and slightly disappointed tsk. Maternal denial I suppose. However all in all, I would advise people to wait to enjoy It’s Alive on cable or satellite rather than pay good money.