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i45: gearing up for the Summer Big One!!!!!!

Today’s the last day of i45, one of the big  LAN parties run by Multiplayer every year, Berath’s Brain Burps attended the summer LAN, i43. By all acounts it’s gone well. Plenty of Tf2 was played along with BF3, League of Legends and Starcraft 2 among other games.

As well as an opportunity for gamers to get simply to get together and meet each other, there’s also competitive gaming. There was a TF2 tournament with a prize pot of money which was exciting. In TF2, teams normally play for mouse mats, headphones etc since, as the Readership can imagine, most pc gamers don’t have these.

The final was between Infused (arguably the best TF2 team in the game at the moment and so in possession of many mouse mats and headphones) and Elemental Violence (up and coming youngsters with fewer). To give other teams in the competition more of a sporting chance, Infused had been off-classing throughout, except for one game I’d watched earlier, again between them and Elemental Violence when for some reason they played with their mains. In that game, Elemental Violence had lost 2 6 on Gullywash, but had put up a good fight, holding their own.

Anyhow, by all accounts the final was an entertaining match with the usual loud and over-excitable TF2 audience. Unsurprisingly Infused won 5 0 on Gullywash (this was apparently a bit of a roll), 6 1 on Badlands (a better game). It all finished with the obligatory TF2 community photograph.

Compare and contrast with the community photos from i43.

Berath’s Brain Burps was particularly pleased with the performance of Elemental Violence. Now, although all TF2 teams are supported equally fervently by Berath’s Brain Burps, it should be noted that;

1) One of the Elemental Violence players is associated with the UKCS community, favoured by Berath.  Berath’s Brain Burps has recently decided (earlier this morning in fact) that UKCS is affiliated with Berath’s Brain Burps.

2) Another of the Element Violence players has played on the Who Dares…Grins! server and has actually made their way onto Berath’s Steam Friends List.

These factors led to the mighty weight of Berath’s Brain Burps support leaning towards Elemental Violence during the tournament. By the way, if any of the esteemed Readership wishes to attain the support of Berath’s Brain Burps for any particular purpose, it can be fairly easily bought, just write in and make an offer. However, please note that there certain boundaries, legal and moral, that will not be crossed.

But in many ways i43 was a dress rehearsal for the Big One; i46 at the end of August. The TF2 community is seriously gearing up for this one, most of the major competitve teams will be attending and there are hopes that at least one of the US teams will be there. Currently there’s talk of the American TF2 community fundraising. Berath’s Brain Burps will be going (ticket already bought and hotel room booked) along with many people from the UKCS community (48+ and counting) and other aquaintances from here and there (though the buzz seems to have so far passed by WDG who remain vague).

It should be a good one.

Photo from left to right.
Mr.G-String, Hildreth, Pledge, Willow, (no clue), Skyride, Storm(Ryan), Smiles, Skully, Lifeless, Tom, Frymaster, Dny, Ramown, Si, (not sure), Girl 1(Kovah?), CVM, CUBE, Pork?, Girl 2, Random pub 1, Random pub 2, MIKE, Headhunter, WAR, Miss Skinnie(Wars GF), Screweh, Greg, SonixR(up high!), e-thug(at the front with the white hat), Cookye, Sylo, Vazzan(hiding behind Sylo), Random Pub (redbeard), I think that infused shirt is Numlocked?, idk, Cobby, FIR, Zethzio(with the glasses), Sarah, Ace, Firestorm, Nymthae, IDK, IDK, DUNC, Black Bob, Gambles, IDK, IDK and Plumbed?
Down in front is Clive(Hitman), Tapley, Comedian and Byte.

Been to i43



So, to be going on with; two photographs of the TF2 community taken after the TF2 final between Epsilon eSports and Infused.Tt (Epsilon eSports won). There aren’t two photos because there’s a giant chasm preventing mixing, dividing the TF2 community, some geekish battle or controversy over some small generally incomprehensible point of order (though of course, being geeks there are still plenty of those). There are two photos because a lot of people weren’t listening when the first one was organised and so another one was sorted.

TF2 community no.1

TF2 community no.2

The first has some names added for those interested enough to zoom in for a closer look.

Going to i43

Tomorrow I’m off to i43, now set to be the biggest LAN ever to take place in the UK (at time of writing 2223)

I’ll be meeting up with people from my Clan who’ve managed to make it and dropping by to say hello to various people who play on the set of Community servers I most frequently play on, UKCS. All TF2 of course.

Apart from that, I’ll just be hanging out, soaking up the atmosphere. I haven’t bought a BYOC (Bring your own computer) ticket which would give me the use of an internet connection and a neat little table to put my pc on, because I’m going up on the Saturday; it starts officially on Friday with an early arrival service on Thursday allowing entry from 6pm. I felt that I couldn’t justify the cost, UK LANs seem to be more expensive comparatively, than mainland EU LANs. There was an early bird offer which knocked 30% off but I missed that because I was still fiffing and faffing about going.

I’m not 100% sure what to expect. There will be a TF2 tournament which I’ll be watching. There’ll be two teams from UKCS playing and my Clan is putting up a team too. A lot of the main comp players/teams will be playing as well so it will be interesting to see that live.

Apart from that, there is an Exhibition Hall to look around and other games to spectate (including CoD, Starcraft 2, CS:S, L4D2). There is wireless/Internet in my hotel, so I can retreat there to do some gaming if I want, plus I’ve checked and the games I’ve got all play in off-line mode. It sounds, as well, as if all the usual boozing and cavorting associated with any Convention will be going on; there’s a pub quiz and a Boat Race.

Anyhow, it all should be pretty entertaining and certainly interesting. I’ll report back.