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Ode to laptop

I have wanted a laptop for about 10 years now but have always considered it an unnecessary luxury until recently, when for some reason, I decided that the time was right for a purchase. I did some research on the Internet and eventually decided upon the Acer 6930g. There seemed to be a number of different specifications, but I settled on one that seemed very good value and excellent for playing LOTRO..huzzah!

And now my laptop has arrived, and I’ve played on it and it is shiny and lovely and totally nobby. So nobby in fact that I have decided to write a poem about my laptop, something that I don’t think happens often enough these days. So here goes.

Ode to laptop

My 6930g laptop is so black and shiny

On my knee it looks so tiny

But that is not because my lap is big

It is because, even though the graphics memory is 1 gig

Acer have scored a total ‘ace’

And put that and 4GB RAM and 320GB hard drive in one compact space

A specification quite high for a price so low

That was bought on-line from the supermarket Tesco

One of the things that I wanted to emphasise was that it was the laptop that was small and compact and not my lap that was large, I hope that comes across clearly in my poem.