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Love: a mmorpg with a difference?

Yes. Love.

I am intrigued by Love. Love is an mmo being developed by one man, Eskil Steenburg. He has just released the open alpha which can be downloaded from here.The game certainly looks different, judging by the screenshots. I won’t be leaving LOTRO and if I were I don’t think it would be for a game like Love, but I am pretty sure I’m going to dabble.

I’m not too sure what sort of experience Love will be; I’m not counting on it being anything like I’ve come to expect from a mmo. I’m not even sure if the game will ever be released. Eskil Steenburg has ambition.

I’ve downloaded the open alpha and taken a look, and it does seem strange and rather beautiful; quite abstract in design. The introduction doesn’t give much away. It talks about a changing world, the game constantly generates new events and content, responding to player actions and responses. Servers are small; each is intended to have about 200 people registered to help build community. You can give a free code to a friend so you can play together. An aim seems to be social and communal story-telling and building.

I would love for Love to work. I’m not sure how much content there will be. Would the procedural algorithms that supposedly generate the new content be as dynamic and responsive as proposed? Would a server population of 200 be sufficient for to sustain a player community? Who knows as yet but I wish Steenburg luck. At the least he may provide a unique world I can wander around in and enjoy for a time.