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Poetical interlude: The Siege of Mirkwood Expansion Pack

After the dramatic tension of the last post, all about first Raids and such like, I think some quiet contemplation is needed. So here is another in my series of occasional poems; this one anticipating the launch of Siege of Mirkwood

The latest Lotro expansion pack

When we heard  it took us all a little aback.

That instead of being for sale on the high road

We could only get it via digital download.

But no matter, we’ve started to get all excited

As news is announced and on forums and blogs is cited

We’ve an extra 5 levels and Mirkwood to quest

And  new scalable Skirmishes (this part might be the best).

There will be new instances, some for 6, some for 3

And a whole new Raid for you and for me.

And last there will be a legendary item system revamp

Which could prove good;  I’m in the ‘wait and see’ camp.

So all in all we’ve a date we need to remember

When the pack is launched at the start of December!

Hmmm, maybe there wasn’t an air of quiet contemplation there, perhaps nearer one of slightly fevered excitement. I’m looking forward to some more content and a new area to explore.

This is how excited we all are!

This is how excited we all are