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It’s Sunday; It must be Llama Night!

For over a year now, Who Dares Grins has been running a general Community Gaming Night on Sundays. Overall, this has been a success. Some games draw more people than others, but in the main it’s been a good opportunity for community members to try out and play games that aren’t TF2, in particular for those who’ve moved away from it.

Every Monday I put up a thread asking for suggestions for the following Sunday. The only criteria is that they’re multiplayer. On Tuesday evening, the suggestions thread is closed and a poll of games is drawn up from that week and from previous weeks along with any wildcards I feel like throwing in. Voting then begins. Any ties result in a vote-off.

I drew up a list of games we’ve played after our 52nd Llama Night

Battlefield 4
Cards Against Humanity – played 3 times
Chivalry Medieval Warfare – played 4 times
Civ 5
Command & Conquer Red Alert: A Path Beyond
CS:S Gungame
Dota 2 – played twice
Fistful of Frags
Hidden (but servers borked)
Just Cause 2 Multiplayer
Killing Floor – played twice
League of Legends
Left 4 Dead 2 – played 3 times
Mechwarrior Online
Natural Selection 2 – played twice
No More Room in Hell
Open TTD – played 3 times
Planetside 2 – played 3 times
Quake Live – played twice
Starcraft 2
Sven Co-op
TagPro – played 3 times
The Ship – played 4 times
Trouble in Terrorist Town – played twice

A good mix.

By the way, why Llama Night you might ask. Well, firstly, one of the community members called Lt Mama came up with the idea and said it was ignored when he did so it’s sort of his name and secondly in homage to Jeff Minter, one of the gurus of video gaming. Jeff Minter was designing video games right back in the early 80’s,  founding the development house Llamasoft. Many of his games featured ruminants; llamas, camels, sheep etc. He was one of gaming’s pioneers so the least we could do was name a gaming evening in his honour.

The Steam Summer Sale. Last chance to buy games, ever

The Steam Summer Sale has now finished. And it was the last time, ever, any of us would ever get to buy computer games. Or so you’d think. By the number of games we bought. For instance, my goodies:

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (plus add-ons)

Fable III


Fallout New Vegas

Killing Floor

Portal 2

Universe Sandbox

And this is from someone who recently had to drop out of WoW through lack of gaming time.

I now have a total of 50 games. I thought this was a lot. Then I took a look at some of my TF2 clanmates; yes I now have clanmates as I’m a trial member for the clan on the previously mentioned bouncy little community clan server. Well, they bought games too. And looking at a sample of clanmate game totals, post-sale:

267 games

82 games

173 games

257 games

205 games

159 games

Considering most of the time we’re gaming, we seem to be on TF2 and if not can only play one game at any one moment, we’ve all on to get through them. Or would’ve if the Summer Sale hadn’t been the last time any PC game could be purchased. Anywhere. Seemingly.

What a good job we’ve so many games.

(The buying frenzy was echoed on Gaming forums throughout the internet. Everyone else was buying games too. Contagion.)

My blog: Berath dozes

I’ve  been a bit low on the posts so far this month. This has been for a number of reasons. First, I think I’ve been suffering a bit from the infamous pre-expansion torpor. SoM is out soon, much has been done in MoM; time for a little break apart from Raiding and some gentle alting.

Secondly, we’ve started a kin group on Steam. I already had an account, attracted by the zombies I’d bought Left 4 Dead, the co-op zombie killing game, a while ago. However I hadn’t really used Steam much apart from playing that from time to time. Anyhow, forming the group prompted me to explore some of the other games, and after recommendation from unwize, I bought this wonderful little point-and-click  indie adventure game called Machinarium; it’s got robots in, and if there is one thing I might be more into than zombies, it’s robots.

Zombie robots: nirvana

So immediately that has been taking up time; from LoTRO as well as blogging. And now Left 4 Dead 2 is out. Bigger and better. Even more zombie killing than Left 4 Dead, which I’m still playing.  So far I have played part of a single-player game one co-op game and the demo; again both single-player and as part of a successful attempt to persuade one of my kinmates to buy the full version. So there should be plenty more zombie fun in the future.

Finally, and this is something I’ve noticed since I started playing LoTRO, I don’t half talk. Sometimes I’ve  logged on and spent most of the time  just talking; carrying on conversations in fellowship chat, kinship chat, Teamspeak and a couple over tells. Now, with Steam because it starts when I boot up, I don’t even have to log onto LoTRO and I’m presented with communication opportunities. So that’s as far as I get. This did surprise me, I’ve never thought of myself as a big chatterer. But then I remembered at middle school I was never allowed to sit with my best friend because we used to talk constantly through lessons; ever so often the teacher would give us another chance and we’d blow it. So, in fact, all that’s happened is that since playing LoTRO I’ve regressed back to the age of 9. Now where’s my skipping rope….?