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Zombies and typing; a natural alliance

I have no willpower and can no longer hold myself back from talking about this stonker of a game/typing tutorial.

The Typing of the Dead. There.

It came out in 2001. With the confluence of randomness that for some brings about lottery wins and vast fortunes, for me brought the convergence of zombies, computer gaming and a typing tutorial. For someone who has a great interest in zombies, enjoys computer gaming and was  trying to learn to type at that very moment in time…well you can guess who thought their ship had just come in! And who learned to type.

Since then,  enthused, I have bought;

Typing Space Harrier.

This combines a typing tutorial with space battles!!!!! On the front of the box is a man with a raygun fighting a dragon. And a picture of a mammoth with one eye in the middle of it’s forehead. Just how exciting is that! The game is fab but because I bought it in Japan and it is in Japanese and needs a Japanese keyboard,  I have not managed to find the first battle yet. But even so, there is a picture of a mammoth with only one eye in the middle of it’s forehead on the front of the box! And a man with a raygun! Fantastic.