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Haircuts and bonsai trees

I read a review of a very Berath sounding game today. Bonsai Barber; for the Wii. Sounded a corker! In it, you give bonsai trees haircuts. And build up your bonsai clientele. I’m not sure what sort of haircut counts as a good haircut for a bonsai tree. I don’t think it’s as obvious as might be for people. I suppose that’s part of the challenge.

Bearing in mind survey after survey has shown hairdressing to be one of the most enjoyed professions and hairdressers amongst the happiest workers, maybe Nintendo are onto something. After producing umpteen games to look at our physical well-being, this may be one made to keep us mentally well. Go Nintendo!!!

I’d be straight to the shops to buy myself a copy except that

1) It’s only available in the US at present

2) I haven’t got a Wii